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Practical Instructions On How To Begin Your Career In Freelance Writing

Writing may be a career change for you. It is nothing for you to worry about if you are good writer because there are many opportunities out there. As you are starting out on the road to being a freelance writer, keep a few things in mind so you are successful.

  • Don’t Quit Your Daytime Job. Wait until you at least have a number of steady client accounts and you make enough to cover your expenses. What is great about writing is that you can do it in the evening and there are many “5 to 9” writers out there.

  • Think about a Niche You Can Develop. You may be bidding on a number of postings for writers in a way to secure some jobs is to develop a niche. You can have in your portfolio a number of articles on healthcare or real estate in addition to the rest of your samples. By doing this you can continue to bid on all kinds of openings, but also be able to focus on a given business area where you have done a lot of writing.

  • Keep Your Portfolio Up-To-Date. Various industries, especially social media, change and you should have articles in your portfolio that are current. Take a look at what you have and if the article is more than a year old, consider replacing it with something more recent.

  • Organize Your Time. When you start getting assignments you can get very easily overwhelmed by the work. You need to develop some very good time management skills and organize your day accordingly. For example, you may do all of your proofreading in the early morning and leave the afternoon for composition work. You may also decide to write articles in the early afternoon and then work on the e-book in the early evening. Decide what time of day is your most productive and concentrate your efforts during that time period.

  • Make Use of Any Writing Tools. This includes dictation software such as Dragon. If you are writing business plans then having the right software template is going to cut down on your composition time. The key to success is being able to write as much is possible during the day. Anything that makes it easier is the price paid for it

  • Always Write. Always work at your craft and be sure to write every day. Writing is like playing the piano; you get better with practice.

Don’t be afraid about trying to career in freelance writing. It does take some time to build up a clientele, but you are your own boss. That makes everything worth the effort.