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A List Of Useful Suggestions For Freelance Writers

Freelance writing is an amazing profession. You can pick your work, write from home, chose your hours, and control your business. There are a few tricks of the trade that you may want to consider when deciding whether or not to be a freelance writer. Consider these items:

  • Records-you will need to file taxes on your earnings, so make sure you keep good records and understand your W4 obligations completely
  • Escrow-you never want to work and not be aid, so establish some kind of safety net for your payments, many writer use a third party escrow system, it will require a small fee, but the client may pay it and you will be assured of your payment
  • Deadline-do not miss your deadlines, you will get a reputation for being unreliable
  • Niches-if you can write in all sector, that is good, but make sure you know the styles for the different pieces
  • Your portfolio-you want a portfolio that has samples of your best work in it, the prospective clients will want to see your examples
  • References-some clients will want to see references in addition to the samples of work
  • Skype-and some clients will want to Skype, I have a no-Skype policy, but it is your call
  • Start low-as a beginner, you should charge more competitive, lower fees, as you gain clients and experience, you can slowly increase the fees
  • Return clients-if you are lucky, you will find a return client base that keeps you from having to bid on jobs
  • Best work-do your best work, you are a professional
  • Proof-no matter how good of a writer you are, you want to proof, proof, and proof for a happy client
  • Read the fine print-carefully read all of the contracts that you sign, hidden surprises are not much fun
  • Workload-make sure that you do not get excited and take on too much work, you never want to spread yourself too thin

Working as freelance writer can open doors for you, it can allow you to work from home, you can work as you travel, and you will be able to make your own hours. You will probably want a designated office pace and want to set your working hours. You can have luxuries that people who go to work cannot afford to have, however, you do have obligations, and you must always remember that you are a professional.