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Vital Things You Need To Know About Freelance Writing Payment Methods

Even though there are several benefits of being a freelance writer and many of your friends would envy you if you are a successful one but still there are some things that you should be careful of. It is evident that freelancers do not have to show up at a work place or make any physical efforts or expense to commute to a workplace or put up with an employer they do not like, however, they are not always secure of their jobs. They do not have the fringe benefits that regular employees enjoy and neither have a security about their future regarding their current jobs. Most of these jobs are contract based and the client does not even need you once the contract is over. So you see, there is much more to be a freelancer than staying in your pajamas all day long

The most concerning thing for such writers is that they are not sure of the reliability of the client they are working with. In your career, you will always come across take and run clients and people who manage to fraud you no matter how careful you were. This is a common part of the journey a freelancer has to entail so you do not have to get dishearten by it. However, there are several things that you can do to make sure you are working with a reliable person or company. The best way to ensure safe payments and secure payment policies is as below

  1. Sign up for a reputable platform on the web
  2. Use reliable platforms on the web to create a profile and work with them

  3. Never ask for direct bank transfers
  4. This would save you from online identity theft and fraud

  5. Get 50% amount upfront
  6. As a general rule, always request for half the amount in advance

  7. Divide work in milestones
  8. Get paid for what you write by setting milestones

  9. Use third party payment gateways
  10. You should rely on third party payment gateways that are popular and trusted by people

  11. Sign a contract
  12. To make sure that you and the other party is agreed on the same terms and avoid any complications in the future, it is always good to sign a contract. You need to get an NDA or any other contract signed that clearly states both parties have agreed to a certain fee for a certain work done