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5 Tips To Consider Looking For Freelance Content Writing Sites

  1. Evaluating a site based on who its targeted users are
  2. If you are thinking about using a freelance content writing site, then it is worth thinking about who the target users of the site are. Not only does this mean the clients that post jobs, but the freelancers that complete the work as well. It may be that the work is aimed at writers from a particular niche, and therefore may not be suitable for your purposes, if you don’t know anything about the niche.

    Alternatively, many of the targeted writers may come from poorer areas of the world, in which case, they may be happy to accept lower rates of payments than people in Western Europe and America. In this case, it may be that clients are exploiting the low costs available, whilst the quality of the writing may suffer, as a result of the writers not speaking English as their native language. So, whether you are looking to do work or post a job, it is worth considering whether or not the site will meet your expectations.

  3. Checking how many jobs are available
  4. If you are a freelance writer and you’re looking for websites that post jobs, then it is always advisable to check how many jobs are posted per day. Whilst some sites may post hundreds per day, others may have only a handful per day. Furthermore, there are some sites that have next to no work available, which may mean that competition for any jobs is high, or the clients that do bother using the website aren’t necessarily the ones you might want to work with.

  5. Finding out how you get paid
  6. Some websites pay straight into your bank account, whilst others may use a third-party to pay. Either way, it is important find out what methods are used to pay freelancers, as well as how often you get paid.

  7. Creating free samples before you start
  8. Some freelance websites enable you to simply sign up and start bidding on jobs. However, some websites require that you write a free sample before you can become a member. Whilst this may help to ensure the high quality of the writers on the website, until you know how many jobs are available, you may simply be wasting your time. Basically, if you are asked to write a free sample, then you should probably only do so if you are fairly certain that you will have a good chance of getting work through the site at the end of it.

  9. Specialist sites vs generic content mills
  10. Finally, one thing to consider is the difference between specialist sites and generic content mills. Content mills will cover a wide range of writing jobs, while specialist sites may only be for writers in a particular niche, or with expertise in a particular style of writing, such as press releases. If you specialise in that style of writing or a particular niche, then it can make sense to use a specialist site. However, the amount of work available may be quite limited.