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Freelance Work For Writers: How To Find A Job That Pays Well

Once someone decides to make a living as a freelance writer, they must find clients and websites that will pay them to write. There are many online and offline sources that can be used for finding work. From checking websites to networking with clients in person, writers have a number of options available to them.

  • Skip the Content Mill Sites
  • Content mill sites have a bad reputation. For a penny a word, writers churn out content for websites. Although these sites generally pay on time and have plenty of work, serious writers should avoid them. When someone only makes a few dollars an article, it takes up the majority of their time. Writing for content mills leaves writers without the time to search for better paying projects.

  • Look for Freelance Websites
  • A bid site operates by linking up writers with prospective clients. Normally, a writer will bid on a specific project. To be successful on these sites, the writer must have a good portfolio and resume. They must be willing to face rejection because many of their job proposals will not get accepted. Although these bidding sites generally have low-paying projects, there are some projects available that will earn the writer a decent income.

  • Create a Personal Website
  • A personal website is a way for writers to showcase their work and reach out to clients. By creating a personal website, the writer can circumvent the normal bidding process for projects. They will be able to command the rate that they need, but will have to deal with the financial side of the business. With a personal site, the writer will have to chase clients for their payment.

  • Go Directly to the Source
  • Querying clients directly is one way for writers to achieve a higher pay rate and consistent work. Writers should consider topics that they are experienced in writing. They should also look for websites or companies that they currently use. Once a list of prospective clients is made, the writer should create tailored job queries for each company. While the writer waits to hear back, they can use one of the previous methods for earning a stable income.

  • Network With Other Freelance Professionals
  • Writers who have been in the business for years will often have more work than they can actually complete. They are always looking for other writers to help finish these projects. Smart writers will network with other professionals to get projects.