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Looking For Resources Offering Highly Paid Freelance Writing Jobs: Vital Advice

Are you a graduate and recently finished your college? Have you done a thousand and one applications only to receive regrets? Freelance writing is an avenue that you can use to make money. Through dedication, great writing skills and attention to details, you can earn a lot of money. There are hundreds of freelance writing jobs waiting for you online. In case you are interested and looking for resources offering highly paid freelance writing jobs, this article will give you some insights.

  • Blogging – This is the act of posting written content about experiences, opinions or observations on a certain topic on a website. It can be plain writing or accompanied by pictures and links to other websites. Blogging is one resource of highly paid freelance writing jobs. It is easy and free to start a blog especially through platforms like blogger and wordpress. It is of great importance that you select one topic that you are very conversant and can write expert analysis and views. Once you have set up a blogging platform, upload content that is unique; something that will help you to create a big audience over time. This will ultimately get you substantial traffic to your site. You can then monetize through Google Adsense or any other platform. Additionally, you can sell ebooks and tutorials through the website.
  • Selling your work – As a freelance writer, you can start selling your articles through some article auction and earn money from every article you submit. Many websites pay between $10 to $100 for every approved article. By selling, you transfer the copyrights to the buyer and cannot use the article again. Within no time, you’ll find yourself selling articles to individual clients. Selling your work is one of the fast way of making money online.
  • Magazines – For a freelance writer, magazines have better opportunities than websites. To publish an article for a magazine, you first need to send your resume to the editor and your request to be one of their writers. When the opportunity presents, it is upon you to proof your capabilities by being creative and submit unique content that is informative.
  • Writing for revenue sharing websites – There are online platforms that allow writers to publish their articles on their websites. The writer is then paid depending on the revenue your article is generating. It is upon you to select the best platform and start making money