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A List Of Professional Freelance Writing Services To Get A Job At

Your first freelance writing job can be much easier to get if you visit the right place. Experts recommend being with the largest and most well-known platforms, as they offer the broadest choices.

  • oDesk.
  • As the world’s largest freelancing platform, it offers a great choice of jobs to both beginners and pros. Just register on the website to browse the writing category. Apply for any jobs that interest you. Fill your entire profile and attach your writing samples. oDesk is browsed by thousands of people every day who are looking to contract writers, and if your profile looks attractive, there are chances they will choose you. Do not request upfront payments (as in a website novice; you would hardly get them). After you complete any project, leave your feedback on this employer – only after that will their own feedback appear on your profile.

  • Elance.
  • Though it’s a bit smaller than oDesk, this website operates on the same principles. There are also great choices of writing gigs for which you can bid for. Most fees are rather low, but do not feel intimidated and do not set your price lower than you would be comfortable working for. Even if you are not the lowest bidder, you can get the job because of your experience or the high quality of your samples. Complete your entire profile in order to show your skills to your greatest advantage.

  • PeoplePerHour.
  • This website is described by many freelancers as offering higher fees and being less competitive than Elance or oDesk. However, it also takes a higher percentage of your earnings – up to 15%. Try this website if you have already used larger job platforms and remained disappointed by the jobs offered there.

  • ProBlogger.
  • Join this platform if your primary interest is in blogging jobs. This website lives up to its name and only features blogger jobs on a regular basis. The order descriptions are complete and fees are rather high, yet your past experience is increasingly important. Be sure you have to offer the picky clients that most large blogs are.

  • Paid to Blog Jobs.
  • Launched in 2014, this is one of the newest professional writer platforms, and is still to be discovered by many job-seeking freelancers. The website aggregates the best blog jobs offered on the Internet, with its team doing an initial credibility research. However, unlike the websites above, Paid to Blog is not free – you will have to pay $20 a month for membership. It is up to you to decide whether regular access to fresh and selected blogging jobs from multiple sources is worth this money.