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How To Get Highly Paid Online Freelance Writing Jobs Effortlessly A Quick Guide

Given the rates paid to freelance online writers on some of the popular freelancing sites, you could be forgiven for thinking that high paying jobs in this line of work are just a pipe dream.

You would be dead wrong.

There are plenty of writers who make a good living out of writing. In fact, many make a fantastic living out of writing. Here is how:

  1. Be a Specialist
  2. Identify what you are good at. Discover your niche. Do something that not a lot of other people can do. Take courses if that is what it takes. The really high paying jobs are in areas which are specialized and take a high level of skill to accomplish.

  3. Have a Great Online Profile
  4. In this day and age, it is absolutely criminal for a writer not to have his or her own website. This is where you introduce yourself as the charismatic and highly skilled writer the client has been looking for. If possible, spend some money on your website and have it done by a professional. This spending is an investment and will soon justify itself as money well spent.

  5. Have a Great Portfolio
  6. If you have previously done some writing, have it on display. This should preferably be up on your website for people to see. If you do not have a portfolio, start working on one immediately. This is, obviously, work you will dream up and do for yourself. For that very reason, it will be the most creative work you have ever done. Add it to your portfolio and let people see it.

  7. Market yourself
  8. Do not just sit there and wait for work to come for you. Network and get to know people. Be active in the writer community. Join some online forums. If you know other writers, you will automatically know other clients.

  9. Apply for jobs
  10. The truly high paying jobs are not usually advertised on normal job boards. These types of jobs are awarded through referrals or contacts. You should search niche job boards online. Actively pitch your services to potential clients. Identify client needs through research and let them know they need work done even if they do not know that yet. If you do get awarded a job, be sure to leave a great impression on the client so that future work follows.