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Freelance Writing Jobs For Magazines: Finding New Opportunities

If you’re a freelance writer trying to break into the magazine market, you can be at a quandary where or how to start. Making money as a freelancer seems like the dream and it can be, if you go about it the right way. This article is here to help you with some tips and ideas for finding new opportunities to write as a freelancer for magazines.

Finding Writing Jobs for Magazines

  • Before looking for writing job with magazines, you need to establish your niche. Niche writers always get better and higher paying jobs than those who will generally write about anything. It takes patience to be a niche writer, and you may turn down other jobs in the process, but it’s worth it in the long run. Editors like to feel that you specialise in your particular writing field. Once you know what your niche is, study the magazines that deal with it, read them thoroughly for tips on what they like to publish – story, writing style, etc.
  • Target trade magazines. While there is nothing wrong with applying to the bigger ones, there is a lot more red tape, as approval is needed on so many levels. With the trade magazines, your articles will be more easily accepted and will hit the audience sooner rather than later. Also, there won’t be the nightmare of the constant requests for edits and rewrites.
  • Be willing to start small. While there are some writers who have gotten in on their first try with a big magazine, these writers are few and far between. Being published anywhere is already a big step forward, and the more you are published, the more experience you can put on your resume.
  • Stay up-to-date with your articles. Especially with the growth of social media, new topics are ‘trending’ every day and in order to get jobs with magazines you need to know what is important to the public, even if you won’t necessarily be writing about it.
  • Make sure you leave enough time when applying for this type of writing job. Magazines usually plan their issues six months or so in advance. If you send it in too late, it will be bypassed altogether. Plan in advance, have a solid amount of query letters and articles at the ready for submission, and regularly update them.

While breaking into the freelance market writing for magazines can be frustrating when it seems to yield little to no results, be patient and don’t give up. Always remember your end goal and why you wanted it in the first place. As in everything in life, if you don’t give up, you are bound to succeed sooner or later.