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Where To Find The Best Opportunities For Freelance Writing

You are about to enter a mysterious new world. An incredibly lucrative world if you are willing to put your head above the parapet and fight for what you want. So okay, maybe going into pitched battle is a bit extreme but being a wallflower won’t get you very far either. You can be the best writer in the world. However, if you don’t at very least have basic sales and marketing skills then chances are you are going to find yourself floundering.

Sometimes the best opportunities are those that come in the most unusual of places. So just where do you look for great jobs in freelance writing?

Speak to other freelancers

Many writers are happy to share tips and tricks; the tools of their trade. The fact that there are squillions of related blogs out there is testament to that fact. A quick trawl of any of these blogs will usually give you enough to get started. If you have any college buddies who are also carving out a part time living for themselves then it is always worth asking them. Just bear in mind that people can be notoriously reluctant to share information that is going to harm them. So, in other words they are unlikely to give you leads if it means that they will end up losing out on work.

Creative Writing Classes

Have you considered signing up for a creative writing class? If not, why not? Not only will this help hone your skills but it could easily open doors to creative opportunities. Not only is the tutor likely to have some valuable contacts – or at least know how you can get started, there will also be opportunities to network.

Be proactive

Work is unlikely to simply land on your doorstep. You need to get yourself out there. That means picking up the phone and calling maybe one-hundred local businesses and asking if they have any openings for home-based contractors. You will be surprised by the volume of work that is accrued in this manner. Many businesses don’t even realise that they have a need until someone is bold enough to point it out to them.

Periodicals and Journals

These are an excellent source of information. You don’t even have to purchase them as most libraries will still carry copies of the large ones. Simply check the classifieds section and BOOM you should be ready to get started!