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How To Find Freelance Writing Jobs Online: 10 Tips For Beginners

Freelance writing seems extremely easy from the viewpoint of an outsider. It’s simple, but not easy. If you’re interested in getting started, pay close attention to the following steps:

  1. Research the market. If you can’t live off of the money you would earn doing the kind of writing you want to do, pick another job.

  2. Learn to write. Many people think they can but if everyone was good at it, no one would make millions doing it and yes, some people do.

  3. Write a lot. If you don’t write often, you’ll never improve and even if you think you’re perfect, you can’t stagnate if this is your profession.

  4. Pick a genre. You can write more than one thing but it helps to specialise in a few that you know you’re good at.

  5. Get your best pieces together. You need a portfolio before you start to approach clients. They will almost always ask to see what you can do.

  6. Sign up to a freelance writing site. Most of the jobs on these sites pay badly but they’re a good way to get your feet wet and tide you over until better comes. Remember, you can sign up to more than one.

  7. Apply for jobs. You may not always get the jobs you apply for but if you’re consistent eventually someone will hire you and you can go further from there.

  8. Expand your search. There are bloggers who pay to have people guest blog on their sites. These can be accessed through a simple web search.

  9. Start your own blog and let it be clearly stated that you will write for others. The blog will show the quality of writing you are capable of and that can help you to attract clients just as a portfolio would.

  10. Approach academic content companies. These types of companies will usually require high qualifications like a degree in the subject area that you want to write for but they also tend to pay well so in the end it may be worth your while. If you feel uncomfortable writing other people’s assignments for them you can consider editing the work of students whose first language isn’t English. There are many of these so the work should be steady.

These methods, as stated, are quite simple. The difficulty often comes in following them directly when other things get in the way or motivation is low.