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In Search Of Sustainable Freelance Writing And Editing Jobs On The Web

When searching for freelance and editing jobs you have to have patience. It can take a while to get a client base wide enough to keep you busy. You really have to treat it like you would when looking for a traditional job. No matter the reason you decided to start writing, staying with it can be frustrating when the jobs do not seem to line up. There are some basics you can be sure to cover that will help to get you up and to go.

The Basics of Getting Started

As you begin your search, you need to have a web page of your own where potential clients can look over your information. You will want to make sure you include writing samples, references from other jobs you completed, and your qualifications. Having an online presence makes clients more comfortable in trusting you with their projects. Having your own blog and guest writing on other blogs can help too. You want people to recognize your name and writing style easily.

Be clear on your rates. It is best to have them posted clearly on your website. Research other writer’s rates and make sure that you are being fair. Do not accept rates that seem to low to compensate for your time and abilities. When drawing up a contract with an individual make sure you determine how you will be paid, when the deadline will be, and who your target audience is. Do not give out any personal information. Take advantage of third party financial companies, most of them do not charge for services. Your deadline should be attainable for you. Deadlines that are too short might leave you in a rush and unable to produce quality articles. Write for a target audience, writing for children is a lot different than writing for adults so clarify what your client is expecting.

Third Party Mediation

Third party websites provide security in job terms and payments. They mediate so that neither party releases financial information. They can ensure that job terms are agreed upon. You turn your work in on them, so you can be sure that your article was received. Most require that the hiring individual or company put money into the account that will not be released until the project is completed. This way you can ensure that you will receive payment.

Whichever method you chose remembers to have fun and enjoy writing. You can enjoy the freedom of self-employment while letting your voice be heard.