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How To Get The Best Jobs In Freelance Grant Writing

Writing professional grants is a skill that requires some dedication. As a beginner do not expect to get the best paying assignments without any difficulty. Like most other freelancing jobs this one too requires persistence before it starts paying off. What you need to do as rookie freelance grant writer is look for some local nonprofit bodies that are looking for writer. You may have to do the first assignment free of cost or for a negligible amount. However it will get you exposure so try to do this for some reputable organization.

Once you have built up some significant experience you can start searching online. Do some researches to find out where you can get grant writing jobs over the web. There are many websites where employers post their jobs, looking for potential writers who can write good quality grants for their organizations.

With so many NGOs vying for federal and state grants, that as a freelance writer you will never out of jobs. But make sure at least some of your grants get approved. It would be the best way through which your work gets marketed. Once grants written by you get approved, you can raise your rates.

Here are some tips to help you get your first grants:

  • Be consistent. Do not give up after trying a few times. It eventually pays. No one has to be a great wordsmith in order to earn through freelance writing. But will have to keep trying to secure a bid in order to move forward.

  • Do a lot of research. Once you have got an assignment do lots and lots of research. Read up on the NGO’s profile and also the type of grant you are going to write for. By reading in detail you will be able to write grants that are sure to get approved.

  • You can even volunteer in the beginning in order to built some credible work under your portfolio.

Any potential client who is going to hire you will ask for samples first. So it is very important that you have some credible work under your resume. Most freelance writers work for some reputable company at first to build up the credibility. List your works on top of your resume to get noticed. Once you start freelance writing and have got some experience, you can also negotiate the rates.