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Is It Possible To Get Health Insurance For Freelance Writers

It is such a beautiful feeling to be a freelance writer. You can stay up until late, wake up after having a good sleep, and start your work anytime. You do not have to worry about getting ready for workplace or putting up with a horrible boss. You do not even worry about vacations, having a week off or traveling around. You can do your task even when sitting at your favorite bay or in a midst of nowhere. The best part is that writing is your passion and you are paid for your passion. Many regular employees will love to exchange places with you but they do not have the necessary skills or knowledge to start a career.

Despite of all these benefits there are some drawbacks of being self-employed. You do not get fringe benefits, employee benefits or after retirement advantages when you are not working for a company. Most freelance writers wonder if they will ever have a health insurance because they cannot afford one on their own and they have no employer to pay it for them.

Well yes, there is a possibility of getting a health insurance if you are a freelancer but it really depends upon your location, country, university affiliations, published material and nature of work. Some states offer benefits for all citizens and encourage people to become self-employed so that they can contribute better to the economy. You need to check your available options and see which of following is applicable in your case

Groups or communities

Freelance writers and bloggers have their own clans and communities where they sit together and plan together. They stick together so that they can influence major decisions and make a change if necessary. You can join such a group and contribute for the start. Do not jump to your own concern all at once.

Local government programs

You need to check your local government policies for small businesses entrepreneurs and self-employed people. You might qualify for a health insurance in this case

Colleges and universities

Often colleges and universities offer health insurance to the affiliated writers and freelancers. If you have been with them for a fair enough time then you will be eligible for a health insurance


If you have no other option and nothing seems to work then you should look for organizations that aim to help freelance writers