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Looking For Good Freelance Home-Based Online Writing Jobs

There are many different career paths you can take if you are looking to work from home, but writing is one of the easiest to break into and can provide a more steady income stream than other options. Home-based writing, or freelance writing, allows you to be hired by clients on a per project basis, rather than to be employed full time by them. It is a great way to manage your workload, allowing you to work when you want, to set your own hours, and often times to set your own rates.

If you are interested in finding freelance writing jobs online, follow these simple steps:

  1. Find a website to work through
  2. While you may be able to find writing jobs posted on local job boards or websites like Craigslist, they can be very risky because you have little assurance that it isn’t a scam where you wont be paid once you’ve delivered the project. Instead, use on of the several dedicated freelance writing websites. They are a great way to find clients, bid on projects, and get paid without any worry of scams. Each website is slightly different, so find the one that is the best fit for you. Also, if the website offers both a paid and free membership, consider the benefits that the paid membership get you, like being able to see what other people are bidding on jobs, which may be a great help in getting jobs.

  3. Identify your strengths and brand yourself for them
  4. There are so many different kinds of freelance writing to do, from technical and academic writing to blog and fiction writing, so you’ll need to narrow down what kind of work you want to do. The best way to do this is to identify what you are good at and what you have experience in. This will help you to decide what you will be most successful specializing in.

  5. Put together a portfolio
  6. You will need to put together a portfolio to show potential clients when you are applying to work for them. This will help you to show them the quality of your work and reassure them that you will do good work for them. When you are putting together your portfolio be sure to include work in the specialization you’ve chosen, but also to show a range.

  7. Find clients looking for your specialties
  8. Once you’ve decided what you want to specialize in, use the website you’ve chosen to search for clients who are looking for writers like you!