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How To Find Interesting Freelance Writing Jobs Via The Internet

Finding writing work on the internet is not a difficult thing nowadays if you know where to look. There are numerous opportunities for writing jobs on the internet. To begin with try finding an industry/niche that offers consistent work. Secondly, contribute to one or several content mills. Thirdly, look for job listings on freelancing websites.

Find an Industry/Niche

If you are truly serious about finding freelance writing jobs through the internet, the first thing you need to do is to choose an industry or niche. While trying to find a niche, it is important to ensure that there is sufficient and consistent demand for content in the selected niche. Avoid trying to write about any topic. Try to focus on topics that relate to your selected industry because niche writers are constantly in great demand.

Contribute to Content Mills

Once you have selected your industry or niche, you can contribute content to other established blogs or websites. Contributing content to other established blogs or websites is an easy way to get clients because it allows you to sell your high-quality content. However, you should be able to always deliver high-quality content in order to get paid. You can find writing jobs in a variety of fields including blogging, writing product reviews, health and fitness articles, copywriting, and SEO articles among others.

Browse Freelance Writing Job Listings

Freelance writing job listings offer numerous writing opportunities. While most jobs are primarily related to blogging, you can also find other types of writing gigs. However, you need to keep in mind the fact that when it comes to getting work, you have to try hard in order to find something stable. You will need to submit several applications in order to get your first few writing gigs. Once you have created a fine template pitch, you only need a couple of minutes to submit an application. Thus do not be scared of getting stuck in and sending out a bunch of applications.

What to look out for and avoid

When trying to find writing jobs as a freelancer on the internet, there are several things you need to look for and avoid. Always try to look for topics or issues that interest you. Similarly, look for reputable companies or sites, and for clients who have previously worked with other writers. Additionally, try to find permanent or semi-permanent jobs in order to avoid constantly looking for new work. On the other hand, avoid clients asking for free trials, incentive based pay, private sites, and blogging networks.