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Looking For Freelance Writing Jobs For Magazines: 5 Things To Consider

Freelance writing is a difficult job, especially when you take your first step towards this career. If you are looking to write articles for magazines, it may take some time before they entertain you and bear in mind that you have many other people competing for the same position. However, if you are confident with your writing abilities, then by all means, you should go for it.

If you love freelance writing, then you have to consider 5 things when you get jobs for magazines. This is a list for you!

Be Professional and Punctual

When you get a freelance writing job, the most important thing is to maintain professional throughout the employment process. Make sure you reply to your client promptly and constantly update him or her. Also it is important that you do not miss any deadlines, otherwise that could damage your reputation. There are situations where you might be exempt though:

  • You fell horribly ill
  • Major life event (e.g. birth of your child or death of a family member)

Do not plagiarise

Plagiarism is the worst thing a freelance could possibly do. To put it simply, it is utterly stupid, as it can be checked easily using plagiarism software. It would also damage your reputation, so it is not worth it. If you truly want to write for magazines, then you must put in the hard work!

Think of innovative topics

If you want to stand out amongst other candidates, then you should think of some new topics to write about. If you can think of something that can grab the interest of a reader immediately, then that’s great! Obviously, traditional topics work as well, but that would also mean the competition is a lot greater. Be creative!

Your topic must be up-to-date

Okay, maybe there are times where old news may grab the interest of readers, but that is not always the case. If you can, always aim to write about the newest events, such as new findings on effective weight loss or topics on a similar line. It should be things that can immediately get the attention of the readers.

Be motivated

This is the reason why most freelancers fail. They are simply not motivated enough! If you want to freelance and write for a magazine, you have to show the editors that you are motivated! That would be the key to set you apart.