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How Much Money Do Freelance Technical Writers Make?

Many people have been drawn to online jobs for the freedom that they provide. Freelancing is extremely popular for that reason but it is not by any means a perfect industry. As with any industry, those with specialized skills such as technical writers tend to occupy a more stable position than those whose skills are more general. This article will be looking at the question of how much money can be made in that profession.

More than the average writer

There are people who are paid as little as $1 per 500 words that they write. Granted, the companies that pay such low rates are not usually interested in the highest quality of work but this speaks to what the industry is like. Many freelancers earn embarrassingly low payments for their work. Those who possess technical skills are more likely to be paid at the higher end of the spectrum. This relates to supply and demand. There are fewer of them than other types of writing professionals and many of them have other employment prospects that keep them from extreme desperation.

Much less than they could if they operate from the wrong platforms

There are many platforms from which a freelancer can attempt to source work. No matter what type of writing they specialize in, the worst of these platforms consistently attract very low paying clientele. As a result, even very knowledgeable and skilled people may end up earning less than they could have otherwise.

A healthy sum if they are knowledgeable and well marketed

Freelancing platforms represent just one of the methods of finding jobs that technical writers can use. If they choose to do personal marketing they can do quite well. This requires them to establish themselves as experts in the field. This sounds daunting but it is a fairly simple process. It requires a blog to be started by the prospective writing professional in which many informative and interesting posts can be found. To draw traffic to that blog, the writer should guest blog on more popular sites and back-link to his or her own. The main purpose of this technique is to draw potential clients but if traffic becomes steady enough, advertising revenue may also be earned.

If this is a field you would like to work in, just remember that there are way to do well or poorly. Your level of perseverance will make all the difference.