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How To Make A Living As A Freelance Fashion Copywriter

Copywriting can be very profitable if you get a proper hang of it, especially that in the field of fashion. So whether or not you actually know about the latest trends, we’re here to guide you. Below are comprehensive tips you ought to know on the road to becoming a fashion copywriter.


  • Familiarize yourself with fashion: This is the very first step you must take even if you think you’re competent enough. Give yourself homework. Read a couple of fashion magazines a day while paying attention the writing style in the printed ads. Notice the little things that draw you in and get you interested in the advertised products. This is how you will build a copywriting personality.
  • Personality: You need to understand that when advertising for beauty and fashion products, you must avoid sounding technical. You’re not throwing specifications at the potential customers’ faces. This can actually be particularly easy because it’s not too far from how you naturally speak in reality.
  • How to copy write in a nutshell: Figure out the benefits of the product you’re advertising for, list them, and then build the content around that. It’s as simple as it sounds. What makes it tricky is how you introduce the product. Read the rest of the article, and you will just find out.
  • Understanding what customers read: Customers are not willing to read walls of text that depict the science behind your product. You want to be as brief and compelling as possible. For instance, if it’s a hair product that is meant to soften and strengthen your hair, instead of literally saying “This product softens and strengthens your hair because of these 187 mineral oils that react with the bonds in your strands.” You could sum that up in the words: “Say goodbye to hair fall and damage.” This is how you will communicate with your customers.
  • Avoid praising the product: This is probably the most repulsive advertising method anyone can ever come across. I personally avoid any product that mentions it “100% works” or is “the best product on the market.” Those are things that the customers need to decide for themselves.

Where to get hired:

Why freelance websites of course! You can search for different freelance websites, some of which are solely for writers and copywriters, but beware of scams. Make sure you use a credible website with positive reviews to work on and make sure you first build the dashing portfolio that will get you hired.

We hope these tips have helped you, and we cannot wait to see your future successful ads!