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Is Freelancing Writing For Christian Magazines Popular And Profitable Nowadays?

As the internet has become global in the last two decades, it’s become much easier for freelance writers to find assignments in every niche and have a successful career doing so. Every now and then freelancers want to know if their particular discipline – for instance Christian or religious studies – is popular enough that it can be profitable. The simple answer is yes! Writing for Christian magazines can be extremely lucrative. One just needs to know where to get started on their path to success.

  • Build a Freelancing Profile
  • The first step for finding success in writing for Christian magazines is building an online profile with details about the services you offer, your writing rates, and contact information. There are several places to get this done for free. Find ones that offer you the greatest opportunities to reach more clients by optimizing your profile with keywords targeting a specific industry.

  • Exhibit Samples of Your Work
  • Even if you’re just starting out, be sure to take advantage of exhibiting samples of your work in a portfolio. It’s best to show work that has been previously published, but even content that hasn’t made its way into a magazine can be great, especially if you deal with interesting topics that you have presented through great writing.

  • Advertise Your Education and Experience
  • Online profiles give you the opportunity to advertise your education and experience in religious studies. This can be particularly valuable information for magazine publishers that are familiar with your work. You will find more success if you demonstrate that you have spent years studying the Christian faith and can reliably write on several topics within the area.

  • Submit Customized Proposals
  • Even with a well-developed profile, it’s still largely up to the freelance writer to go out and find writing opportunities. You do this by submitting proposals to various clients. It’s important, however, that the proposals are customized and address individual needs of clients, rather than generic ones that don’t seem to relate to what a client is looking for.

  • Network to Find More Opportunities
  • After working with one or two clients, it’s a good idea to keep in touch in order to foster more opportunities through networking. If you work with one Christian magazine then ask if they are perhaps willing to introduce you to a contact at another magazine. Staying active by networking will certainly make your services in-demand, thus leading to a higher income and writing success.