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An Elaborate Guide For New Freelance Writers: Some Pitfalls To Stay Away From

The one thing every new freelance writer should know is that you are not alone. I mention this to advise you that it is a highly competitive business. There are millions of people around the world who put themselves forward as a freelance writer. You will have lots of competition. But if you are going to be successful there are some pitfalls you need to stay away from. Here are just five.

  • Is it the wrong job for you?
  • You have no CV or portfolio.
  • You have under quoted for the job.
  • You have over stated your ability.
  • You have not allowed yourself enough time to do the job justice.

If you are a new freelance writer and if you are a new writer even more so you need to be particularly careful about the type of jobs you apply for. You need the experience of being able to work out just what is required when you read a job advertisement. A number of new freelance writers apply for jobs they should never apply for. Of course you may not get the job and in which case there may be little damage done. But if you do get the job and you are out of your depth there are all sorts of problems for you.

You must have a CV and a portfolio both of which are online via the freelance writing agency. If you try to go into the world of freelance writing without this documentation, you are really making life difficult for yourself. And you not only have to have a CV and portfolio, you have to have a good one.

Be very sure that you do not under quote for the job. You will get lots of advice which tells you as a new freelance writer you should make your initial bids quite low. This is because you have no track record and in order to win a job the only thing which may be going for you is the fact that you work at a cheapish rate. But by the same token you don't want to work for nothing so be careful that you do not under quote.

Sometimes you might get carried away and make claims which are not completely true. If this means that you finish up getting the job and then you discover that you have overstated your ability, again you could be in serious trouble. This is another example of where the job is not right for you. Do not claim to be able to do something you can't do.

And finally be very careful that you do not state you can finish the job in a certain time when that is not enough time. You need to be able to work out how long will be required to complete a particular job. If you hope to win the job by saying you can do it in a very short time, you could make a rod for your own back.