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What It Is To Be A Freelance Writer: Define Your Priorities

Today far too many people are getting on the “freelance” bandwagon. People think that they can just jump online and write or create websites without any experience. But this is not true. Far too many people are unfamiliar with what it really means to be a freelancer and far too many people lack the actually self discipline it takes to be the master of your fate.

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  • As a freelance writer you have to define your priorities. You have the freedom to determine what is most important to you and to work toward that. If your main priority in becoming a freelancer is having extra money to travel then you will be more eager to take on extra jobs over the weekends and at night so that you can travel the following week. You will want to stack up jobs on the weeks you are “working” and work longer days so that the next week or two you can go on vacation.

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  • If your priority is to have more time to spend with your family then you will want jobs that have turnaround times of one or two days so that you have the flexibility to be with your family in the morning and in the evenings while working during the day.

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  • If your priority is to gain more skills then you will want to take on a diverse array of jobs rather than pinning yourself in one niche. You will want to ensure that you have time to research many topics and familiarize yourself with different writing areas.

It is important that you recognize your priorities and then create a schedule around them. Just because you have the freedom to sleep in all day as a freelance writer does not mean you should. If you have three clients who all want content on the same day but you also have people coming over for dinner in the evening then you will have to set an alarm and get up early to work on your three projects quickly enough that you still have time to clean the house and to prepare dinner. This is part of the self discipline it takes to be a freelance writer. If you want to go on vacation you need to discipline to stay at home the week before and not be distracted by your favourite new series now available in all seasons online. You have to buckle down and get your work done. This is what it takes to be a successful freelancer.