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How To Get Ready For A Freelance Writing Job?

The obvious first step is to become good at making job applications. Just because you decide to become a freelance writer there is no guarantee that you will receive work or certainly receive work on a regular basis. To do that you have to become good at freelance writing and even better at freelance writing job applications. But let's assume that you have the skills and that your application has been successful. What are your next steps?

  • Write down exactly what is required in this job.
  • Make a list of the tasks and place them in priority order.
  • Create a timetable with milestones.
  • Get the environment just right.

There are so many students who are very good at writing essays and who produce outstanding work and then wonder why they get such a lousy mark. It is simply because they fail to answer the question. And the equivalent of that situation in a freelance writing job is that you do not meet the requirements. It can be so soul destroying not to mention financially crippling if you write what you think is a brilliant piece of work as a freelance writer only to be told that you failed to meet one or more of the requirements. Don't let that happen to you.

It won't happen to you if you make a list of the tasks required in the job and place those tasks in a priority order. The fact that you've gone out of your way to reread the job specification and then listed the importance of the various tasks will help you stay on topic.

It depends on the length of the freelance writing job but it's always a good idea to get ready by creating a timetable with milestones. When will you start the job and when will you finish it? When do you hope to reach a certain milestone or milestones? All this information is on a brief timetable sitting in front of you before you start to work.

And speaking of work it's vitally important that you get the environment just right. This means that you're in a healthy situation as far as lighting and seating is concerned and that you do away with all distractions. If you want to be able to produce top-quality freelance writing work you need to be in an environment which is conducive to doing just that.