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5 Mistakes Every Freelance Writer Does When Starting A Career

Freelance writing is a great profession for people who are skilled at crafting great documents, books, reports, resumes and so much more and are looking to do so on their own free time while they work from home. Sounds great, right? It is, but it shouldn’t be taken lightly. One can’t simply jump into a career in freelancing and expect to find immediate success. In fact, many writers make mistakes when they first start out that negatively effects how well they do. Here are five mistakes every freelance writer makes when starting out that you should absolutely avoid:

Ignores Creating an Online Profile

An online profile is an absolute must for freelance writers, so there should be absolutely no reason that you not create one. Freelance writers who start out miss this basic necessity and for every minute they essentially lose out hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in assignments. Create yours early and be sure to update it as your reputation and experience grows.

Ignores His Competitors

When applying for jobs you should be aware of what others are capable of doing and what they are charging to get those things done. Too many freelance writers ignore their competition, convincing themselves instead that they are better at gauging trends, workload and prices by simple observation. If you’re starting your career, don’t do this! Be sure to check out some competitors and know what you are dealing with.

Ignores Communicating with Clients

Some freelance writers start with the notion that they are truly independent of responsibilities and can simply take on an assignment and run with it. This is completely wrong and an example of poor professionalism. When a client hires you to write you enter a contract which you must honor. Part of this contract is providing updates on your work progress. If you receive an email or phone call it’s best you call as soon as possible to remove any doubts about your work ethic.

Avoids Posting Samples to Portfolio

Just like your freelance profile, you want to make sure you keep your portfolio up to date with the latest samples of your work. Clients are more inclined to hire you when they see your current pieces rather than something you wrote years ago. Keep your best work up on line and make sure you make updates.

Avoids Marketing What Services Are Provided

How will your clients know what you can write expertly if you don’t say so on your profile summary? Market yourself by clearly stating what kind of works you prefer to do and have the most experience with. Send email blasts to former clients who may be looking for repeat jobs. Ask others to list your name on their websites as a contributor. Find every opportunity to get your name out there.