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Starting Out As A Freelance Copywriter: 9 Useful Tricks

A lot of freelancers start off with copywriting because as an important component to advertising for the sale of product or services, there will never be a lack of opportunities to even the inexperienced writer. Yet, new freelancers should be aware of some useful tricks to help go up the ranks faster than others. Here are 9 useful tricks to consider:

  1. Don’t use confusing or pretentious jargon.
  2. One of the first mistakes made by young copywriters is that they try to sound overly pretentious and instead use language that confuses readers. Unless the product or service calls for it, keep things simple.

  3. Write for your intended audience.
  4. This trick is closely related to the one above. Don’t try to impress the reader with pretentious jargon when you know very well that most people don’t speak this way. Use language your target audience will understand without trouble.

  5. Sell the product or service, not the copy.
  6. Your words should work to sell the product or service. If you focus too much on trying to impress you may lose sight of the purpose of writing copy. Clients want to sell something, so go sell it.

  7. Don’t blame the product or service.
  8. A lot of new writers quit long before their careers take off because they insist that they have taken on too many bad projects trying to push products are services that simply can’t sell. This is a very unprofessional view of what really is going in most cases.

  9. Keep your personal ideas out of the picture.
  10. If you don’t want to take on a particular project because you have a problem with the subject, then don’t bother even working through negotiations. Don’t let your personal opinions get in the way of your writing. If you take a project you should put in the effort to sell it.

  11. Aim big from the start then slide into the rest.
  12. In this writing niche it’s often the headline that does most of the work in selling an item. The rest of the copy should be easy after you come up with a captivating hook.

  13. Copy should always speak to the brand.
  14. Remember to always keep the brand in consideration when you write about any product or service. This may take a lot of creative thought, but it’s essential in this line of work.

  15. You need to feel good about the sale.
  16. If you don’t feel enthusiastic about the product or service you may have trouble coming up with good copy. This comes back to deciding whether or not you should take on a project to begin with. If you aren’t into it then you aren’t going to get others to like it.

  17. Aim to inspire but not replicate.
  18. Finally, your writing should be original and not replicate the ideas of others. There will always be work that inspires you, but your copy shouldn’t immediately remind others of another product no matter how big the inspiration.